We employe: Kayak coach on Most na Soči

Jul 29, 2021 | Šola kajaka

Kajak klub Soške elektrarne represents the biggest canoe club in Slovenia who gathers almost 500 members and supporters. Amongst them there is a large number of athletes and biggest amateur paddlers of Soča river. It is dedicated to development of canoe sport in Slovenia over 70 years now. We operate in our two canoe centers: Solkan and Most na Soči.

Our competitive programmes develop all 4 disciplines of paddling: slalom, downriver and extreme slalom on wild water along side the flat water sprint. As for the athletes programmes we nurture long term development of young paddlers, competitive juniors and seniors together with athletes at the Olympic level. As far as the beginners – kayak courses are included in the school programmes that are close to the Soča river. Organization of the big competitions on european and world level in our Kajak center Solkan is a tradition which we nurture yearly since 2006.

We are expanding our team of coaches and would like to hire a coach who would work on development team of young athletes (7 to 18 years old) on Most na Soči.

We need a coach with experience in working with younger categories (7 to 18 years).

Conditions of employment:

1. Proof of at least secondary vocational education and/or university degree in sports area (to send copy of diploma)

2. Ability of wild water paddling on at least III class WW – to be checked by the KKSE board
-to be checked by the KKSE board

3. Rescue 3 International Swiftwater Rescu Technician or Whitewater Rescue Technician

*If the first two conditions are guaranteed, Whitewater Rescue Technician can be organized along side introductory work process.

Application deadline 25.7.2021. Together with your CV, send us competence evidence.

Applications are to be send to: Boro.Savli@hidria.com