The ICF World Slalom Ranking competition in SOLKAN is scheduled and confirmed.

Mar 12, 2021 | Uncategorized @sl

Dear teams.

The ICF World Slalom Ranking competition in SOLKAN is scheduled and confirmed. As the Covid situation in Slovenia and all over Europe is still worrying we will provide additional safety measures.

Our national authorities reported us what we have to provide in terms of Covid safety like responsable organizers. Everybody (competitors, coaches, team leaders, organizing staff,… exeption is MEDIA) who will be in the venue area will have to do an not older than 48h quick antigenic test. This means that everybody who wants to enter the area, must have an test made on Friday, 26th of MarchTo everybody without and valid test the entrance to the competition area will be denied. That test will count until the last day of competition – Sunday, 28th of March. An TEST POINT will be organized in the Kayak centre Solkan on Friday, 26th at 16 00. No testing possibility will be available on Saturday and Sunday. Two groups of professional and nationaly licensed medical teams will be able to do aprox. 400 tests in three hours. You will be able to do the test after your training session (if you will have it on late afternoon) or before the team leaders meeting. We will do an testing list based on countries. The team leaders will be responsable to give the organizer an list of competitors and others who will attend the testing. The organizer will send the pro forma to the teams upon request and unwritten form pappers will be available on site. You can look at it like an medical statement protocol. The cost of test will be cca. 8 €/person.

ENTRIES REMINDER: For those who want to enter the competitors for ICF World Slalom Ranking competition the last date that SDP platform will be open is 15. 3. 2021.

The entries for INTERNATIONAL OPEN competition are open until 23. 3. 2021 and you can send it directly to this mail adress ( )

If you have further information needs, dont hesitate to contact us.

The organizing committee wishes you an safe journey to Slovenia and wa are very pleased that we can held the event even in this turbulent times.

For OC, Andrej Humar