Tine Kancler

I compete in: Kayak slalom
I have been training since: 2003
Coach: Borut Javornik
Results: European Junior Champion 2017
What model of boat do you have and why? Galasport Caipi fins. I have been rowing in a galasport boat since I was a child, and I have adapted my paddle style accordingly.
How do you prepare for the winter? During the winter, I do a large amount of training on flat water. We are also going on longer preparations abroad (Dubai, France)
What does paddling mean to you? I always felt free in the boat.
Which match do you remember as the most beautiful so far: The match when I won the European Junior Championship.
Favorite course: Old track in Bratislava
Do you paddle even when you’re not training? Kje najraje? Of course. I prefer to go paddling on the upper part of the Soča.