Niko Testen

I compete in: Wildwater Slalom Kayak
I have been training since: 6 years
Coach: Borut Javornik
Achievements: 2015 Jr. European Champion; 2020 9th place EP Prague
What model of boat do you have and why? I currently have a Galasport boat, namely Omakase. I love how they grip the side “buckets”. But this can change quickly.
What does paddling mean to you? (meaning, more…?) Veslanje mi pomeni svobodo. Ko sem le jaz s svojim čolnom in opremo v sožitju z naravo. Igranje na vodi in maksimalno izkoriščanje prostora, konfiguracije in energije.
Which match do you remember as the most beautiful so far? The most beautiful match is still the 2015 European Championships when I became EUROPEAN CHAMPION.
Do you paddle even when you’re not training? Where do you like best? I paddle even when I’m not training. I prefer to drive to Trnovo ob Soči, or Sunday recreation on the lake.
Favorite course: London
Which match do you remember as the most beautiful so far: /
How do you prepare for the winter: I usually train about 12 a week. Half of that is training in a boat, the rest is fitness, running or something else,… and I can’t wait to be able to run to warmer places for training as soon as possible, because we really aren’t on the cold.

Pictures of my competitions