Mia Medved

I compete in: Flat Waters
I have been training since: I started slalom at the age of 6, on flat water from the age of 12
Coach:Stjepan Janić
Achievements: 1st place piestani 500m junior 2017; 5th place World Championship k1 500m junior 2017; 8th place k1 juniors European Championship 2017; 5th place world championship k1 200m ml member 2019; 7th place k1 ml member European Championship 200m 2019; 8th place k1 ml member European Championship 500m 2019
What model of boat do you have and why? I paddle a k1 cinco kayak because this model suits me best.
What does paddling mean to you? (meaning, more…?) Paddling is a pleasure for me even though the days come when I don’t like it but it’s my way of life and I can’t imagine life without this sport.
Which match do you remember as the most beautiful so far? Surely my favorite race is this first big result, namely when I won the 500m hurdles because I really didn’t expect it.
Do you paddle even when you’re not training? Where do you like best? Kje najraje? I almost always train so on those days when I’m free I do something else 🙂
Favorite water:My favorite track is in Duisburg
How do you prepare for the winter: during the winter we train with the team only on dry land and paddle on ergometers, then every year at the end of January we go to warm places for preparations.
Amulet for luck: I don’t have any amulet for luck, various habit of always sipping a little water before the start haha ​​😉