Matevž Manfreda

I compete in: Kayaking on flat waters
I have been training since: in 2010
Coach: Jernej Župančič Regent
Results: Youth European Championship K2 1000m 13th place
What model of boat do you have and why? I have a Nelo 7 because I was buying a new kayak just when they released the new model and I then bought it.
How do you prepare for the winter? We more or less do strength exercises, but sometimes we also paddle for fitness.
What does paddling mean to you? Relaxation and pleasure.
Which match do you remember as the most beautiful so far: the Olympic Hopes 2020 and the European Youth Championship.
Favorite track / lake…?: Szeged Hungary
Do you paddle even when you’re not training? Kje najraje? Sometimes we go with friends to the wild water during the summer to spice things up.