Luka Božič

I compete in: C1
I have been training since: 2000
Coach: Borut Javornik, Jani Gril
Results: (important)

  • World Championship (members, slalom, C-1) 2019 La Seu d’Urgelle / ESP // 3 rd
  • Total World Cups (members, slalom, C-1) 2019 // 2 nd and 2018 // 2nd
  • World Championships (members, slalom, C-2) 2014 Deep Creek / USA // 1st st in 2009 La Seu d’Urgelle / ESP // 3rd
  • European Championship (members, slalom, C-2) 2016 Liptovsky Mikulas / SVK // 2 nd in 2014 Vienna / AUT // 3 rd
  • Total World Cups (members, slalom, C-2) 2014 // 3 rd, 2013 // 2 nd and 2012 // 3 rd
  • Olympic Games (members, slalom, C-2) 2016 Rio de Janeiro / BRA // 7 th in 2012 London / GBR // 8 th

What model of boat do you have and why? Wajda MM3
How do you prepare for the winter? I usually enter the preparation period in November, the first in line is longer training on calm water, and I also spend a lot of time in the gym. I also do some ski training during the winter, but it’s more for relaxation than strenuous water training. After the new year, I am going on longer preparations abroad, and in March the first preparatory matches are scheduled.
What does paddling mean to you? Pleasure, freedom and last but not least the most beautiful job on the world.
Which match do you remember as the most beautiful so far: your favorite matches are related to results, one of these is the 2014 World Cup in Deep Creek. The next one that will stay in my memory forever is the 2019 World Cup in Seu d’Urgell. Beautiful places and even more beautiful memories.
Favorite track: Penrith /AUS, London /GBR and Pau /FRA
Do you paddle even when you’re not training? Kje najraje? I still enjoy the slalom boat the most and so is our Soča. a favorite place where training is not a top priority.