Alja Kozorog

I compete in: canoe slalom
I have been training since: 2005
Coach: Borut Javornik
Results: 4th place Tacen World Cup 2019; 12th place European Ivrea Championship 2021 (and ranking at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics); 3rd place European Championship Prague 2020 team
What model of boat do you have and why? Vajda-Hype because it is simple and best suited to my way of padlding.
How do you prepare for the winter? At the beginning of winter I do as much fitness training (running, swimming, fitness) and a lot of paddling on flat water. At the same time, during this time I like to do things for which there is no time during the season (climbing, rock climbing, socializing,…). Towards the end of winter, I prefer to go to warm places (Australia, France,…).
What does paddling mean to you? Paddling means pleasure to me, a way of life and it always surprises me, challenges me and makes me happy.
Which match do you remember as the most beautiful so far: It is the most beautiful for me to compete in Tacen, because there is always a special feeling because of the home audience.
Favorite course: Penrith wild water stadium-Avstralija
Do you paddle even when you’re not training? Where do you like best? For fun, I prefer to paddle the Soča in the upper course (Trnovo, Bovec, Kobarid).
Amulet for luck: Necklace inverted wooden triangle, handmade (@A piece of nature)

Pictures of my competitions