Kayak center Solkan

Kayak club Soške elektrane Solkan is located in the Kayak Center in Solkan, next to the natural training course, where the river Soča flows from Slovenia to Italy. The center is a national natural water kayak center and a European center for younger categories. Access to the Kayak Center is from Solkan. Additional premises of the Kayak Club Soške elektrarne in Solkan are located between the power plant and the Solkans stone railway bridge.













Beginner courses

Would you like to master the basics or improve your kayak technique. The courses are suitable for everyone and all ages. We offer multi-day and weekend courses, individual lessons or guided tours of the Soča. We also provide all the equipment you need.


In the Kayak Club Soške elektrarne we train SLALOM programs for boys, youth and members.

More HERE.

Sports days for schools

In cooperation with the surrounding primary schools, the Kayak Club Soške elektrarne organizes sports days. Children have fun with sports games, a raft takes them on calm water to the Solkan bridge, at the end they swim…

Kayak actiities

Free practice takes place once a week in the surrounding schools and it is intended for students from 1st to 3rd grade. You can apply your children through the application form, which you hand out to the class teacher at the beginning of the school year. Exercise begins in October. The workout lasts one hour. In the winter, we include various sports content in our training, with an emphasis on athletics and gymnastics, as well as ball games. We acquire sports knowledge through various games. In May, we move from the gym to the Soča, where we learn to row. Kayaking practice lasts until the end of the school year. During this time, the children learn the basics of kayaking and take a beginner’s kayak course, and at the end they are all rewarded.

Kayak equipment rental

Would you like to rent a boat for a vacation? We offer boats for rivers and the sea with all equipment.

KAYAK set 1 day (kayak, paddle, life jacket, helmet cover) 19 € Kayak set 1/2 day (kayak, paddle, life jacket, helmet cover) 12 € Set SIT ON TOP 1 day (boat, paddle, res.j., helmet 16 € Set SIT ON TOP 1/2 day (boat, paddle, res.j., helmet 10 € RAFT with equipment (oars, lifeguards, helmets 6 x) 70 €

Premises for rent

Rooms for rent are available in the kayak center in Solkan. Equipped meeting space is suitable for lectures, meetings ..
Equipped space for birthday parties and other occasions.

Rental price: 80 € per day for up to 30 people. Deposit 100 €.

Organization of competitions

Kayak club Soške elektrarne is the organizer of the biggest competitions for juniors and younger members. We cooperate with the Slovenian kayak federaion, ECA and ICF.

Sports and themed events

The premises of the Kayak Center are available for organizing sports and themed events.

Use of the course in Kayak center Solkan

Use of the polygon at your own risk. Please follow the instructions for performing the exercise.

  • Announcement of trainings until Friday at 12.00 for next week.
  • The training schedule is designed to ensure the maximum number of boats on the water due to the quality of training.
  • The training schedule does not provide a constant water level at the request of coaches, because the water level is not in the domain of the Kayak Center Solkan.
  • The water level cannot be predicted, as it largely depends on precipitation (you can follow HERE)
  • If the flow of the Soča is higher than 500 m3 / s, the line automatically collapses and training between the gates is not possible.
  • A larger, shorter unannounced increase in water level is possible due to the planning of the needs of HPP Solkan
  • Safety meters (red-colored warnings and interpretation boards) have been set up along the route, warning water users, both swimmers and kayakers, of the high water level and the dangers of the Soča. When spilling red markings, greater care must be taken to ensure one’s own safety on and along the water.


An equipped gym is available to club members on the premises of the old club. Athletes can use the gym for free.

Price: 100 € / year / member or 60 € / half a year / member

Kayak camps

They are organized by Slovenian Kayak FEderation. They were carried out in Camp Gaberje ob Soči. They are intended for the youngest members, girls and boys. The camp lasts 5 days and the participants socialize with peers from all over Slovenia, have fun and row. The camp ends with a friendly competition in Kobarid.

Professional cousrse for a wild water rescuer

In cooperation with the Institute for Protection against Drowning, training for lifeguards on wild waters is carried out at the kayak range under the C program. Info: urban.herzog@voda-resevanje.si + 386 41 457 418. More: https://sl.voda-resevanje.si/.