Kayak center Most na soči

Kajak Klub SOške elektrarne Most na Soči has been operating since 2001. Kayaking took place in Most soon after the Second World War, but organized trainings began in this subalpine place under the leadership of visionary Dejan Testen more than twenty years ago. At the beginning in very modest rooms by the lake below Modrej. But it was in those humble spaces that, after just a few years, they grew into one of the greatest successes of the entire club. The duo Sašo Taljat – Luka Božič first approached the world top in the youth team, then won the highest titles in the U23 category. Soon bronze at world slalom championships, followed by gold medals at the world championships, performance at the 2012 Olympics . Then in 2013 the title of world champions in C2 slalom. After ten years of focusing on slalom and white water canoe, Testen started and developed the discipline of flat waters, where the competitors from Most also reached the world top very quickly. Rok Kuk – Lovro Leban were the first to win a medal at the World Cup and the U23 European Championships in the K2 1000m. This was followed by the launch of the recreational section. The branch office at Most has developed very rapidly over the years. As practically the only club in Slovenia, Most is developing the discipline of flat waters, wild water canoe and slalom at a top level. In 2018, the club moved from the premises in Modrej to the ‘Water House’ by the bridge over the Soča and became even more lively there. Today, under the auspices of three coaches, a group of beginners (kayak school), a development group up to 14 years of age and a competition group for flat and wild waters operate in Most. The development of flat waters on Most na Soči has become a reference point for domestic and foreign clubs and teams that often visit the club on the lake below the Alps in the summer.





Beginner courses

Takes place every summer during the summer holidays, Mondays and Thursdays 17.00 to 18.30. Designed for swimmers from 7 years onwards.

Through this school, beginners learn about water and kayaking and learn the first basics of this sport.

The approach is very relaxed and playful, and at the end of the summer the children can continue practicing in our beginner group.

Enrollment is possible throughout the summer, and the tuition fee is calculated according to the holidays.

It is conducted with an instructor in English and thus also represents a language school.


We conduct trainings for SLALOM TEAM
and FLAT WATER KAYAKING.(zupancicregent@gmail.com)

Trainings for all groups take place continuously throughout the year

Beginner group in principle 2x a week (cold months on land), a little more often in summer.

Developmental groups 10-14 train 4-5 times a week, most of the year but run in parallel with fitness and preventive training on dry land.

Competition groups train 6 days a week all year round.



We conduct trainings at Most na Soči for groups:

Beginners (about 10 years) – learning about the sport

Development groups for flat and wild water (about 11-14 years) – basic training and experience

Competition groups – gradual specialization

Elite / professional group – club team of members of the national team The main goals are the World Cup and the Olympics.

Summer by the Soča

JIt is a one-week camp in our premises at Modrej. It is intended for swimmers aged 7 to about 12 years. The camp lasts 5 days from 8 to 16. We usually organize the July and August dates.
At the camp, children learn the basics of paddling, and we also include other sports (climbing, yoga for children, etc.) and activities (diving, campfire, drawing).
The practice is conducted partly in English and is thus also a language course.
After the camp week children can join the kayak school or club beginner group.

Kayak camps

They are organized by Slovenian Kayak FEderation. They were carried out in Camp Gaberje ob Soči. They are intended for the youngest members, girls and boys. The camp lasts 5 days and the participants socialize with peers from all over Slovenia, have fun and row. The camp ends with a friendly competition in Kobarid.